Soap Care & Tips

Are you new to Green Girl Handmade Soap?

If so ... Welcome! You’ve just discovered something wonderful!

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Green Girl natural handmade soap experience…

Handmade Soap is Softer Than Detergent Bars
Because our Green Girl natural handmade soap is full of natural moisturizing glycerin (and doesn’t contain added synthetic hardeners), our soap may be softer than the commercial detergent bars you may be accustomed to. In commercial soap, the glycerin is extracted and sold for use as a moisturizing ingredient in skin care products.

It Gets Even Better With Use
Your first shower or bath with a brand new bar of Green Girl handmade soap will be good … the second, third and more uses will be even better than the first! The soap needs to reabsorb some of the water that's been cured out of it and the corners smoothed off a bit.

The Lather is Different
Our rich lather is produced by the natural, premium oils we use rather than synthetic foaming agents like sodium laurel sulfate(SLS). SLS is commonly used in commercial soap and produces lots of lather while stripping your skin of moisture. We've been led to believe by marketers that massive amounts of lather is good, when in fact it's usually just chemical foam. The truth is simple: Rich and creamy is much better for you than extra bubbly.

Let Your Soap Breathe
Each of our natural soaps have been cured for a minimum of 3 weeks. Exposing your soap to air will help the bar to cure even more. Just open the package and put them in your closet, drawer or'll get a wonderful scent every time you open your door. And your soap will become harder and last even longer in the shower!

Using a Wash Cloth Extends the Life of Your Soap
Really! If you use a wash cloth or some other type of cloth when using your soap – it will last longer. Try it and see!

Soap Doesn't Like Sun
Because we only use natural colorants to color our soap, try to keep your soap out of the sun. The sun will fade bright colors of the soap. The soap will still be usable, but it just won’t look as pretty.

Use a Well Draining Soap Dish
Do NOT leave your soap in a dish that can collect water or on the side of the tub. If left in a puddle of water, it will turn mushy and disintegrate much faster. It's worth it to invest in a great well-draining soap dish!

Warm Water is Better Than Hot
We know – hot showers are so relaxing. But all that hot water is drying for your skin and you won't receive all the great benefits of the soap's moisturizing oils. Keep the temperature of your water warm enough for comfort, but not hot enough to dry your skin.